Welcome to Monty Mobile RVS4

The Largest Private Telecom Event

Dear Mobile Operators,
This event is a dedicated workshop for you to learn about all the new ways to make new revenues and to guarantee better offers than your existing Roaming and SMS deals. If you are ready for a change and serious about opening new revenue streams, we recommend you register for Monty Mobile RVS4!

Please note that during 2018, Monty Mobile will host RVS5 in São Paulo (June 2018) and RVS6 in Hanoi (November 2018). So feel free to join us at any of the upcoming RVS editions that best suits you.

Our live clients are invited on full board basis to all RVS editions. To whomever else who would like to join RVS but have not initiated serious discussions with Monty Mobile team, only the entrance and activities will be covered.

For complaints and suggestions please contact us at: rvsevent@montymobile.com


Hello Operators