Kaissar Jabr

Deputy CEO

Monty Holding


Deputy CEO and Head of Corporate Governance at Monty Holding and holder of a PhD in Telecom Management Kaissar has proven himself as an essential team member.
Filled with critical and design thinking ideas, Kaissar was eager to lead the way for his peers and to keep developing Monty Holding further. With a vast experience in Africa and the Middle East, Kaissar is a key member and is involved in all aspects of the work flow at Monty Holding.


Current General Manager of Monty Mobile is holder of a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. With over 10 years of experience in the field and due to his negotiations skills, sales techniques and strategic thinking Hassan was appointed as Monty Mobile’s GM and led Monty Mobile into an SMS revolution era along with his management of a dedicated team of employees. He also hold several certifications in the field and has developed a wide experience in both SMS and Voice Business.

Hassan Mansour

General Manager

Monty Mobile

Sarah Barakat

Business Manager

Monty Mobile


Holder of a bachelor’s degree in both Finance and Marketing majors and in a very short period of time Sarah was able to stand out, and prove herself as a reliable and competent team member.
Filled with ambitions, Sarah was eager to pave the way of her career path and in doing so, she earned herself the position of Business Manager in SMS & Roaming at Monty Mobile and is actively involved in the technical and commercial follow up with all of her clients.


With over 13 years of professional experience in responsible management positions including Business Development and Corporate Development mainly in the Telecom field Zeina quickly paved her way into becoming Commercial and Product Manager responsible for creating, developing and implementing new services to add to the extensive product portfolio of Monty Mobile. She holds a BA from the American University of Beirut and a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiations from Jean Monnet Paris XI.

Zeina Awada

Product Manager

Monty Mobile