M-Rewards: Monty Mobile’s breakthrough product for Operators.

With Mobile Advertising being the fastest growing media channel in our current world, marketers are noticeably prioritizing this medium to achieve maximum reach. The very nature of mobile as a personal device calls for a wide yet direct advertising reach leading to an ultimate return on investment.

In fact, as per a study issued by Juniper Research, Global Digital Advertising spent across mobile, wearable and online devices will exceed $285 billion by 2020. Another report issued by PWC in 2016, states that Mobile advertising has set the highest growth of digital advertising with 51% of market shares, reaching $36.6 Billion!

However, it is clear that none of this would be possible without Operators’ networks who are providing the essential connectivity for the basic functioning and development of the Digital and Mobile Advertising industry, all while the Operators themselves are getting nothing in return.

This is the main reason why Monty Mobile has created M-Rewards, your medium to join the massively growing mobile advertising market and the way for Operators to start claiming their own shares of profits!

The service enables marketers to run short audio advertisements while a caller is waiting for his call to be answered. By opting in, subscribers collect points each time the ads are heard and can redeem these points for extra Data, Voice Minutes, and SMS. M-Rewards is not only a premium platform for advertisers to achieve their widest reach, but is also a smart and simple revenue-boosting solution that enables operators to claim their advertising share of profit that is rightfully theirs, to curb their churn rate and to reward their loyal subscribers simultaneously! It is indeed a solution that will please all those involved, creating a win-win situation for Operators, Advertisers and Subscribers.

Contact us at m-rewards@montyholding.com for more details and start generating additional revenues today!