Why Attend RVS8

One-to-one Meetings

We are witnessing an era where lots of operators are applying for loans or requesting banking facilities. But what is the cause of this decline and how can operators sustain the drastic evolution in the telecom market?
We believe that mobile operators have lots of hidden treasures – whether in terms of SMS, VAS, Mobile Advertising, Roaming, Data Monetization, etc. – that they are not aware or not making use of efficiently. During RVS8 sessions and one-to-one meetings with experts, operators will be able to discover their full potential.

Informative Keynotes

RVS8 is divided into several informative sessions – including discussion panels – that aim to raise awareness on the industry’s future trends and challenges, and support operators on the right way to invest in their business.
Our keynotes aim to reframe the way you are thinking about your business and help you reach the maximum revenue! They are bound to leave you with new ways for looking at your current business challenges and with innovative tools to overcome them.

Unforgettable Experience

At RVS8, we did not forget the fun part! We guarantee you memorable times with our team as we embark on discovering the beautiful city of Dubai.
RVS8 is not a traditional workshop; it is a unique space that merges learning with fun experiences. There will not be a single moment when you will not be busy with interconnections with our team, your fellow experts, and the people out there. It is an event to remember!